Hey! My name is Dante Scarano and welcome to my blog, I hope you found it OK without too many major complications. Most of my blog posts as of right now are based off of my recent travels to South East Asia, but I will begin to change it up soon enough. The name of this blog is partially based off of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, partially me. (I kind of did a double whammy there) I guess to explain a lot of my writing is based on of an awkward of anxiety filled moment within my travels, so I think that the name is somewhat appropriate. Anyways I really hope that you enjoy my writing style and I hope that it can give you a light chuckle throughout each week. Something that you as a reader can share to someone else and they’ll get a light chuckle too. Soon enough people will be lightly chuckling all around the world. (Listen I don’t know why I used the word lightly chuckle, I’m sorry!) Nevertheless, enjoy, laugh at my expense and have a great time while reading. Lastly I want to put up your, (Yes you!) writing on my blog too, so send me something you wrote on the road whatever it may be, a journal entry, a poem, or even a song, I’d be happy to post it! My goal right now is to publish something every week for you crazy readers to enjoy.

Send me your submissions at: Dontpanictravelguide@gmail.com

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